Our People

Crown Counsel

Prosecutors play a key role in the Canadian criminal justice system. As a prosecutor at the PPSC, I conduct prosecutions on behalf of the Director of Public Prosecutions on many significant and complex cases. Prosecutors in the PPSC work on cases related to drugs, organized crime, terrorism, money laundering, human trafficking, war crimes, regulatory offences, and economic offences. I have gained a breadth of knowledge and experience as I have worked on a variety of prosecutions early on in my career.

I feel professionally fulfilled when I am able to successfully argue a novel point of law, hear a jury render a verdict after weeks of evidence, or teach a classroom of police officers how to properly obtain a search warrant. I know that I am helping British Columbia in a meaningful way when I argue for a lengthy sentence for fentanyl traffickers, terrorists or people involved in an ongoing gang conflict because it makes my community a safer place to live.

– Crown Counsel, British Columbia

Crown Witness Coordinator

Seventeen years ago, I became a Crown Witness Coordinator in the Nunavut Regional Office. My job includes preparing victims and witnesses for court, reading files, contacting the RCMP for additional information, writing memos, referring people to various other service providers like Social Services, helping people fill out victim impact statements and translating those statements for the prosecutors. I think my work has made a difference to the people I served over that period of time. The largest part of my job, and sometimes the most difficult, is working hard to make my people understand the justice system better and building trust between the victim and the prosecutor who has to examine them on the witness stand. Being born and raised in Cape Dorset helps me do my job better. On many occasions, I find myself educating our Southern lawyers about why the culture is different from theirs and giving them useful tips about how to do their jobs better.

The best part of my job is helping my fellow Inuit, getting thank you notes from witnesses, helping the southern lawyers and meeting people. The worst part of my job is being away from home for long periods of time and having to fly in small airplanes, because in Nunavut, there are no roads between communities. Regardless, I really enjoy doing my job as I feel I am being rewarded by helping my fellow Inuit.

– Crown Witness Coordinator, Iqaluit, Nunavut

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