Becoming an Agent – Fixed-Term Agreements

In 2009, the PPSC introduced Fixed-Term Agreements, replacing indeterminate appointments which were subject to termination without notice. Under the new regime, any private-sector lawyer or law firm interested in becoming an Agent of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) can apply for a maximum 5-year Fixed-term Agreement when an opening occurs in a jurisdiction.

Notices of Opportunity inviting interested private sector lawyers and law firms to apply to become agents for specific locations are posted on a province-wide basis either through this website, legal publications, law society websites, local newspapers, and/or at court locations, ensuring access to Agreements by all qualified private-sector lawyers and law firms. The Agent selection process includes a standardized screening process, established assessment criteria, exams, and interviews.

If you or your law firm meet the minimum criteria as described in the PPSC’s Information on Agent Agreements, you are invited to submit an application.

An applicant’s submission consists of the completed Application (html), a Certificate of Good Standing (long form) for all counsel included in the submission, and the “Personnel Screening, Consent, and Authorization Form” completed for everyone included in the submission. (Note: members of an incumbent agent firm who have already obtained a security clearance are not required to complete a new form but must provide their individual security clearance expiry date).

Additional documents required for articling and law students, paralegals, and support staff are listed on page 2 of the Application, which can be found on the Opportunities page.

The PPSC is aware that delays may occur when ordering the law society certificate; you may submit your application without it, indicating that it has been ordered and will be provided upon receipt.

Only applicants meeting the eligibility criteria will be contacted for an interview by the regional agent supervisor.

Important: If you are a former federal public servants in receipt of a pension under the Public Service Superannuation Act (a PSSA pension), you are required to declare it. This includes an individual or an individual who has incorporated or formed a sole proprietorship. It also includes partnerships made of former public servants in receipt of PSSA pensions or entities where the affected individual has a controlling or major interest in the entity. The measures do not apply to former members of the Canadian Forces and of the RCMP (unless they are also in receipt of a PSSA pension), or to former public servants who are not in receipt of a pension. An abatement formula will be applied to the maximum fees payable for the first 12 months following your retirement.

All agent agreement information is subject to disclosure on the PPSC website in accordance with the Treasury Board contracting policy.

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