Supplementary Information Tables - Gender-based analysis plus

Section 1: institutional GBA Plus governance and capacity


The PPSC's GBA Plus Responsibility Centre (GBA Plus RC) is housed within the Strategic Planning and Performance Measurement Team. The GBA Plus RC leads, supports, and monitors the implementation of GBA Plus at the PPSC. It works in collaboration with PPSC's Advancement Centre for Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility (ACEDIA) to raise awareness and build GBA Plus capacity within the organization. The GBA Plus RC is also responsible for providing guidance and advice relating to GBA Plus and inclusive language.

The PPSC's GBA Plus RC is an active member of the intradepartmental Learning Advisory Committee on GBA Plus, and the intradepartmental Terminology Committee on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.


The GBA Plus Responsibility Centre manages a GBA Plus resources page on the departmental intranet site, where all employees can find useful GBA Plus tools and resources. One particular addition to the PPSC's GBA Plus resources is a new Guide to Conducting Inclusive Intersectional Analysis using the GBA Plus Framework developed specifically to support PPSC employees and managers to incorporate GBA Plus analysis in their projects and decision-making practices.

In 2022-2023, the PPSC continued to deliver the mandatory in-house GBA Plus training for prosecutors and paralegals: Expanding our Mindset – Applying an Intersectional Lens to Prosecutorial Work (a GBA Plus Approach).

Section 2: gender and diversity impacts, by program

Core responsibility: Federal prosecutions


The unique cultural setting for prosecutions in the North led to the creation of the Crown Witness Coordinators Program in 1988. For more than 30 years, the Program has provided a service to bridge the cultural gap between the court system and First Nations and Inuit victims and witnesses engaged in the court process. The main role of Crown Witness Coordinators (CWC) is to help victims and witnesses understand the court process, the roles of the court participants and, for the victims, their rights and responsibilities under the Canadian Victims Bill of RightsCWCs provide court updates, accompany witnesses to court, provide support during and after testimony, and assist with trial preparation. CWCs also act as liaisons between Crown counsel, victims, and witnesses, to ensure that their concerns are considered during the justice process.

GBA Plus data collection plan

The PPSC is not able to monitor and/or report program impacts by gender and diversity. The PPSC's legal case management system does not provide the statistical information needed to provide gender-based data.

Section 3: Program Links to Gender Results Framework

Core Responsibility: Federal Prosecutions

Program name Education and Skills Development Economic Participation and Prosperity Leadership and Democratic Participation Gender-based Violence and Access to Justice Poverty Reduction, Health and Well-Being Gender Equality around the World
Federal Prosecutions

Section 4: Program Links to Quality of Life Framework

Core Responsibility: Federal Prosecutions

Program name Prosperity Health Environment Society Good Governance
Federal Prosecutions
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