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Gender-based analysis plus

The PPSC is an independent and accountable prosecuting authority whose main objective is to prosecute cases under federal jurisdiction in a manner that is free from any improper influence. Its mandate, as set out in the Director of Public Prosecutions Act, is to initiate and conduct federal prosecutions and to advise law enforcement agencies or investigative bodies on matters relating to prosecutions or on particular investigations that may lead to prosecutions. Although PPSC does not have sufficient resources to conduct a formal GBA+ analysis, it does consider GBA implications, including gender and Employment Equity based impacts on its operations. 
General information

Governance structures

In 2018-19, the PPSC identified a Responsibility Center for GBA+ within the Corporate Services Branch.

Human resources

During fiscal 2018-19, approximately 0.2 of an FTE were set to be dedicated to working on how GBA+ could be integrated into organizational decision-making.

Major initiatives: results achieved

The PPSC worked on developing a Statement of Intent and identifying the mandatory training for committee members.

Reporting capacity and data



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