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The Public Prosecution Service of Canada (PPSC) recognizes the importance of its role in the criminal justice system and is committed to upholding public trust and supporting a criminal justice system that is more equitable and fair to all Canadians.

The PPSC has established a GBA Plus Responsibility Centre, as well as an Advancement Centre for Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility. The Senior Designated Official for Employment Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility is also the departmental GBA Plus Champion. The GBA Plus Responsibility Centre and the Advancement Centre for Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility work in close collaboration to promote and support inclusive intersectional analysis and people-centric decision-making.

The GBA Plus Responsibility Centre leads, supports, and monitors the implementation of the organizational GBA Plus Action Plan. The team is responsible for providing guidance and advice relating to GBA Plus and inclusive language, as well as for the development and promotion of PPSC-specific GBA Plus tools and training sessions.

The Advancement Centre for Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility leads the implementation of the National EDIA Action Plan. The National EDIA Action Plan will help PPSC advance in a way that ensures everyone in the organization experiences a work culture that is more equitable, diverse, inclusive, and accessible.


The PPSC continues to advance the implementation of an inclusive intersectional GBA Plus approach across all areas of its work, to enable and empower its employees to bring about positive change in reducing systemic barriers, discrimination and racism, and reducing overrepresentation of historically marginalized groups within the criminal justice system.

PPSC prosecutors and paralegals are required to attend the mandatory training program: Expanding our Mindset – Applying an Intersectional Lens to Prosecutorial Work (A GBA Plus Approach). The goal of this training is to help prosecutors and paralegals become more aware of how to identify and challenge individual and systemic biases that may come into play throughout the prosecutorial process. Over 93% of prosecutors and 100% of paralegals have successfully completed this training. The course has helped to pave the way for the intersectional review of the PPSC's main policy document, the PPSC Deskbook. The broad objective of the review is to identify any policy, practice, or procedure that may contribute to discrimination, systemic racism, or overrepresentation in the criminal justice system.

The ongoing review of the PPSC Deskbook with an intersectional lens will help ensure that prosecutorial decisions are made in a fair and equitable manner and that the PPSC guidelines are reflective of the evolution of societal norms and the changes in Canadian legislation. This review has already fruited to positive change. The first two (2) chapters to undergo the review, chapter 2.2 Duties and Responsibilities of Crown Counsel and chapter 2.3 Decision to Prosecute require prosecutors to consider systemic and background factors that may have contributed to bringing an accused person to court, to recognize and guard against all forms of bias, and ensure that their decisions do not disproportionately impact those who may be vulnerable or marginalized.

The PPSC will continue to broaden its training strategy through specialized workshops for various Internal Services groups aimed at building capacity for the application of GBA Plus considerations in their particular lines of work.

The GBA Plus Responsibility Centre will continue to support the PPSC with the integration of GBA Plus considerations in decision-making and policies and initiatives. The GBA Plus Responsibility Centre will also continue to collaborate with the Advancement Centre for Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility to advance and promote various initiatives and key actions outlined in the organization's National EDIA Action Plan.

Highlights of GBA Plus results reporting by program

Prosecution Services

The PPSC is currently unable to monitor or report program impact by gender and diversity (GBA Plus) as our legal case management system (LCMS) does not provide the statistical information needed to provide gender-based data. The LCMS' reporting capacity centers on file management and timekeeping.

The PPSC is currently exploring options for a new legal case management system. The new system will cater to the PPSC's current operational realities and should allow the organization to improve its data collection and reporting capacity. The potential to produce disaggregated data by gender and diversity will be explored.

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