2024-25 Departmental Plan at a glance

A departmental plan describes a department's priorities, plans and associated costs for the upcoming three fiscal years.
Vision, mission, raison d'etre
Operating context
Minister's mandate letter
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Key priorities

Refocusing Government Spending

In Budget 2023, the government committed to reducing spending by $14.1 billion over the next five years, starting in 2023–24, and by $4.1 billion annually after that.
As part of meeting this commitment, the PPSC is planning the following spending reductions.

The PPSC will achieve these reductions by doing the following:

The figures in this departmental plan reflect these reductions.


A Departmental Results Framework consists of an organization's core responsibilities, the results it plans to achieve, and the performance indicators that measure progress toward these results.

Prosecution Services

Departmental results:

Planned spending: $178,679,052

Planned human resources: 880

The Public Prosecution Service of Canada's (PPSC)Footnote 1 is responsible for prosecuting drug-related offences, regulatory and economic offences, national security offences, and all criminal offences in the territories. It also provides high-quality legal advice to investigative agencies. In 2024-25, the organization will continue to:

More information about Prosecution Services can be found in the full departmental plan.

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