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Gender-based analysis plus

Institutional GBA Plus Capacity

The PPSC is committed to contributing to the change necessary to support a criminal justice system that is more equitable and fair to all Canadians. To support this commitment, the PPSC will continue to raise awareness amongst federal prosecutors through its new mandatory training: "Expanding our Mindset – Applying an Intersectional Lens to Prosecutorial Work (A GBA Plus Approach)". In the coming fiscal year, this training will be adapted and extended to support the paralegal community in their respective role. Furthermore, the PPSC will broaden its training strategy by delivering specialized workshops to various Internal Services groups aimed at building capacity for the application of GBA Plus considerations in their particular lines of work.

The PPSC Deskbook sets out the guiding principles that all federal prosecutors, and persons acting as federal prosecutors, must follow, and contains the directives and guidelines for federal prosecutions. In 2022-23, the PPSC's National Prosecution Policy Committee will continue reviewing chapters within the Deskbook with an intersectional lens to ensure it contains guidance directing that prosecution decisions are made in a fair and equitable manner, and its policies are reflective of the evolution of its role and purpose. This emphasizes the PPSC's strong recognition of the role it plays in the criminal justice system and the impact its decisions have on racialized and marginalized communities.

PPSC's GBA Plus Responsibility Centre will continue to collaborate with the Advancement Centre for Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (EDIA) to promote and support various GBA Plus and EDIA initiatives, such as the development of Inclusive Language guidelines and other PPSC specific tools.

Highlights of GBA Plus Results Reporting Capacity by Program

Prosecution Services

The PPSC is currently unable to monitor or report program impact by gender and diversity (GBA Plus) as our legal case management system (LCMS) does not provide the statistical information needed to provide gender-based data. The LCMS' reporting capacity centers on file management and timekeeping.

The new LCMS (Amicus) will cater to the PPSC's operational realities and greatly improve its data collection and reporting capacity. The potential to produce disaggregated data by gender and diversity will be explored once Amicus is nationally operational.
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