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Gender-based analysis plus

Institutional GBA+ Capacity

The PPSC is an independent and accountable prosecuting authority whose main objective is to prosecute cases under federal jurisdiction in a manner that is free from any improper influence. Its mandate, as set out in the Director of Public Prosecutions Act, is to initiate and conduct federal prosecutions and to advise law enforcement agencies or investigative bodies on matters relating to prosecutions or on particular investigations that may lead to prosecutions.

In 2021-22, the GBA+ Responsibility Centre within the Corporate Services Branch will continue to lead the integration of GBA+ at the PPSC to ensure the organization considers GBA+ factors in its decision-making. The PPSC will also deliver specialized training for prosecutors on the practical applications of GBA+ in their work. The first target group will include PPSC's Diversity and Inclusion Committee members as well as its internal working group tasked with the GBA+ Deskbook review. The PPSC Deskbook sets out the guiding principles that all federal prosecutors, and persons acting as federal prosecutors, must follow.

Highlights of GBA+ Results Reporting Capacity by Program

Prosecution Services

The Prosecution Services program supports the Gender-Based Violence and Access to Justice Pillar of the Gender Results Framework.

The PPSC contributes to the goal of increasing accountability and responsiveness of the Canadian criminal justice system by ensuring that its prosecutorial responsibilities are applied in a manner that reflects the rule of law and Canadian values.

The PPSC is not able to monitor and/or report program impacts by gender and diversity (GBA+). The PPSC's legal case management system does not provide the statistical information needed to provide gender-based data.
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