Decision Released from the Quebec Court of Appeal

Montreal – November 29, 2019 – The Quebec Court of Appeal today released its decision on the conviction and sentence appeals of Ismael Habib, 32. The Court dismissed the appeals and upheld the conviction and sentence.

Mr. Habib was convicted in 2017 of attempting to leave Canada to commit an act of terrorism, contrary to section 83.181 of the Criminal Code, and was sentenced to eight years' imprisonment.

He was also sentenced to one year in prison, to be served consecutively, for making a false or misleading statement to obtain a passport, contrary to section 57(2) of the Criminal Code, for a total of nine years.

The Court confirmed that a "Mr. Big type" operation was an appropriate method for obtaining admissions regarding criminal intent of an ongoing offence and that the operation did not constitute entrapment.

Mr. Habib has 60 days to decide whether to seek leave to appeal with the Supreme Court of Canada.

The Public Prosecution Service of Canada is responsible for prosecuting offences under federal jurisdiction in a manner that is free of any improper influence and that respects the public interest. The PPSC is also responsible for providing prosecution-related advice to law enforcement agencies across Canada.

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