Irving Oil Commercial GP Sentenced under the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act Following Guilty Pleas

Saint John (New Brunswick) – October 26, 2017 – Irving Oil Commercial GP was sentenced today following guilty pleas in Saint John Provincial Court to 34 counts for offences under the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act.

The Court ordered Irving Oil to pay a total of $400,320 in fines and $ 3,599,680 for the implementation of research programs in the field of safety standards under the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act and its Regulations. In addition, Irving Oil was ordered to submit a corrective measures plan and follow-up with Transport Canada.

Following the train derailment in Lac Mégantic, Quebec on July 6, 2013, a joint investigation by Transport Canada and the RCMP revealed that Irving Oil did not comply with all applicable safety requirements by failing to determine the classification of dangerous goods for the crude oil it transported by train, and that the shipping documents on board the trains were erroneous. Irving Oil also failed to adequately train its employees in the transportation of dangerous goods, thereby committing an offence contrary to the Act.

These offenses occurred over an eight-month period (November 2012 to July 2013) during which approximately 14,000 cars transported crude oil for Irving Oil.

The regulations established under the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act focus on the protection of the environment and the physical safety of people and property.

The Public Prosecution Service of Canada is responsible for prosecuting offences under federal jurisdiction in a manner that is free of any improper influence and that respects the public interest. The PPSC is also responsible for providing prosecution-related advice to law enforcement agencies across Canada.

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