School for Prosecutors


The School for Prosecutors is an in-house legal training program for federal prosecutors administered by the Law Practice Management Division of the Public Prosecution Service of Canada (PPSC).

A number of courses are offered annually in which a combination of lectures, seminars, panel discussions, and small group and workshop sessions (supported with written training materials) are used to enhance course participants’ understanding of the practice of criminal law. Attention is given to operational policies and guidelines, such as those contained in the Public Prosecution Service of Canada Deskbook, that address important issues in prosecution practice. In addition to providing formal legal training, the School is also a forum for participants to meet, network, develop mentoring relationships, and enhance their sense of identity as federal prosecutors.

The core faculty of the School is made up of experts in criminal law, and is mostly drawn from the ranks of senior PPSC prosecutors from across the country. A number of guest speakers from outside the PPSC, including members of the judiciary, university professors, senior defence counsel, and experienced police investigators, also regularly instruct at the School’s courses.


Carolyn Farr, Principal
Luc Boucher, Vice-Principal (Level One)
Susanne Boucher, Vice-Principal (Level One)
Anya Weiler, Vice-Principal (Level One)
Doug Curliss, Vice-Principal (Level Two)
Lyne Décarie, Vice-Principal (Level Two)
Louise Laflamme, Registrar

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